Champion Trikes

Honda VTX 1300

You love your VTX, right? Well, here's your chance to get many more years and hundreds of more comfortable, confident riding-miles out of it ... Champion has responded to your needs and is very proud to announce its latest addition to a fast-growing fleet of increasingly popular trike conversion kits!

Standard Features

Kit Includes:


Overall Width 57.75"
Overall Length 108"
Overall Length (w/ EZ-Steer) 109.5"
Wheelbase 71"
Wheelbase (w/ EZ-Steer) 72.5"
Load Capacity 640 pounds
Tire Size 205/70/R15
Brakes High performance disc
Trunk capacity 6.75 cubic feet (5 full-face helmets + more)
Suspension "Zero-Flex" swing arm using the OEM adjustable shocks and 2 coil-over shocks