Why Trike It?

You don't need to hold up the heavy machine, so no more fear of tipping your passenger off.

Trikes are much more stable than a motorcycle in almost every road condition.

Longer and wider wheelbase makes the trike more maneuverable and better handling in curves.

Stability of an auto but better gas mileage.

Larger storage space for those long trips.

Will carry rider and passenger in comfort.

You can drive in the carpool lane.

Two car-sized disc brakes on rear wheels – better braking than motorcycle.

Safer because they are easier to see than a motorcycle.

Less stressful, both physically and emotionally, than riding a motorcycle.

Extend your riding years.

People with disabilities may be able to deduct conversion on Schedule “A” tax form.

Decrease in your insurance rates from cost of two-wheel insurance.


Because they are COOL!